You are Not Alone

Hello all,

At this time of Thanksgiving in Canada, those of us who do not have festive plans with family or friends may feel very alone.  It seems that everywhere you go — In the supermarket aisles, in the department stores, in doctors’ offices — the air is abuzz with people who appear to be busy with thoughts and plans for holiday get-togethers with loved ones.  Not having special plans with family or friends can lead to unwarranted feelings of shame.

I’m writing to say, you are not alone.  There are others of us here, with you.  There is no shame in not having holiday plans with family or friends.

You are your own best friend and that is the way it should be.  This weekend, take some space, breathe in and out and try to be in your body.  Find gratitude for the beauty within and around you.  Think about how awesome it is to see the fall colours; think about how awesome it could be to spend the holiday with new or old loved ones or friends if and when you decide that’s what you wish to do.  For now and for always, do Thanksgiving in a way that honours you. Thanksgiving and every day was made for you to be the fullest expression of who you are; having friends or family around you for the holiday is not a prerequisite.

If you are feeling like an alien because you’re not in contact with your family this weekend, perhaps this youtube video by Lisa Romano, a life coach for adult children of alcoholics, may bring you some clarity: https: //




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