2015 Year in Review and 2016 Vision and Intentions

For several years running now, I’ve completed a simple vision board on New Year’s Eve with my wishes and intentions for the new year.  This year, I also completed an “Annual Year in Review”.  This entailed looking back at each month in 2015 and noting themes, highlights and observations, what things have been working for me, what things have not.  Then, from my review, I carried forward themes as my vision and intentions for 2016 and added new ones.

I got the idea and format for the annual review from this blog post: “How We Doubled Our Income 4 Years in a Row” http://www.katenorthrup.com.

2015 was, overall, a sad, hard, stagnant year for me (and so was 2014).  I like to think of it as an “incubation” year, similar to a pregnant woman’s period of gestation or incubation of a child, a necessary and required time of stillness and waiting before a (re)birth can happen.

Energies shifted towards the last quarter of the year, when by some miracle I ended up moving to a little log cabin apartment in the middle of the woods (a very rare find in the part of the world where I live).  This change in environment, being surrounded by nature and an abundance of peace and quiet and privacy, hastened my connection to myself, made me more aware of the intricacies of my dissociative tendencies and has helped with my focus and direction relating to my  health and healing.  I am so grateful.

The stagnancy has broken up enough that I’m now contemplating joining a running group.  Running was a mainstay of physical and outdoor activity for me for over 15 years.  But for the last two years, I haven’t had the emotional and mental energy for it.  So, this is a good sign.

These are the themes I’m focusing on for 2016:

2016 Vision and Intentions

I accept reality.  I have a dissociative disorder.  I have PTSD.  I have great difficulty navigating the world of people.  But, I’m getting a bit better, every day.

I lead with my heart. Not with my head. I tap into my feelings every day.  This is my authenticity. To facilitate this: I read emotional text; I read authors who write from the heart and from the gut about recovery (like http://www.LauraMcKowen.com);  I write from my heart (ie., meditation –> journalling –> writing practice). I avoid getting lost in bureacracies and bureaucratic practices.

I have a daily practice.  Prayer x2 (am and pm); meditation/journalling x1 (am); writing x1 weekly (minimum); psychologist appointment x1 weekly (minimum); yoga x3-5 weekly (prefer 5x); maximize quiet and peace; minimize stressors

I look after my body. Physiotherapy x1/week; massage x1/week.  Do physio exercises diligently.

I live life as intensely and as joyfully as possible.  I’m working on this.  Running clinic.

I fulfill my dharma.  I read.  I write.

Happy New Year.

xo Annie



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