My Best Reads in 2015 (or: Strength for the Journey)

The right blogs and books are like cherished friends for me and provide me with strength for my journey to wholeness.   In no particular order, here are my best reads in 2015:

Kris Carr (blog. I gravitate towards wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, plant based nutrition for health, and I seek to be the chairwoman of my own recovery.  Kris Carr is my hero on all of these counts. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her 20s, she rejected the pronouncements of many of the “experts” she consulted about her care and embarked on a life-altering journey to take her health into her own hands.  Her approach is spiritual, “green” (entirely plant based) and based on the highest degree of self-love and care.  Even though her work is focused on treating the physical condition of her cancer, I immediately found her to be an inspiration for my own health journey in the widest sense of the word, “health”.)

James Altucher (blog/personal growth. He is sometimes painfully open.)

Laura McKowen (blog/recovery.  Laura is a writer at heart.  She’s honest about her weaknesses and at times I’ve thought that her writing is changing my life. I have her blog to credit for steering me towards three of the books in this list. I’m more writerly because of her. Thank you, Laura.)

The Frugalwoods (very awesome blog about living frugally.

On Writing: A Memoir (book by Stephen King.  I was a snob about his writing until I read this book.  It was a page-turner and had me laughing out loud at points — about how to use adverbs no less.  His enthusiasm for his craft was contagious.  And his honesty about who he is and liking what he likes. He taught me to know that the reader will “get” meaning without needing to throw in a lot of extra unnecessary descriptors.  His book loosened me up in a badly needed way about my own writing.  I’m more okay writing what I want to write about and I’m having fun!)

All the Light We Cannot See (2015 Pulitzer Prize winning novel.  Beautiful.)

Tiny Beautiful Things (book by Cheryl Strayed.  Initially, I wasn’t crazy about her book, Wild.  But, I’ve re-evaluated my opinion of Cheryl Strayed and her writing.  I very much like her honesty, her truth-telling and her gutsiness.)

Lit (book (memoir) by Mary Karr.  Her writing about her struggle with the higher power component of AA had a profound effect on me: it ignited a deeper relationship for me with God and I have never looked back)

The Great Work of Our Lives (book by Stephen Cope.  This blew me away.  His explications of God, oneness and self have had a profound effect on me.  The book is an account of how the bhagavad gita influenced or can be applied to some famous people like Beethoven and some not-so-famous people like some of the author’s friends.  It provides a definition of “dharma” — sacred duty — that includes the fact that before you can know and execute your dharma you must first know who you are.  It talks about doubt as being the greatest affliction of all.  The book is a guide for living and I found that it gave me strength for my journey.)





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