Have you ever had one of those plants that looks like it’s alive, but it’s not really?  It doesn’t necessarily have any brown leaves; some of them could be yellowish when they should be bright green.  But it’s not growing, that plant.  You water it.  But you sort of want to throw it out because it’s not really doing anything.  But you can’t make yourself do that because, well, it’s still living isn’t it? It’s sitting there, or standing there, all greenish and plant-like.  But it’s not thriving or flourishing.  It’s just existing.

I have had plants like that.  I’m not much of a gardener.  I think if I knew more about transplanting them, then my house plants would be more likely to flourish.

But, I’m learning to transplant my self.

I have not flourished in the soil I was planted in.  The soil of my childhood was toxic.  I couldn’t grow strong roots in it.  The care I received was uninformed, superficial.

Somehow, I managed to grow branches and leaves.  I managed to live a little.  I grew to a certain point. On the surface, I looked “normal”.  But underneath, below the soil, my roots were ragged, thin, sparse.  I was existing, not really living my life alive.

But, I want to flourish.  I deserve to flourish.  I was born into this world to flourish.

And so, I’m transplanting myself.  I’m removing the toxic soil of my childhood and I’m replacing it with rich, fertile earth.

And, slowly, I’m becoming rooted in my new soil.   I’m becoming rooted in the fertile soil of self-worth, self-love and truth.

And, I’m starting to feel a little bit more alive.  Alive enough to know that I can flourish.



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  1. mariemathilda says:

    Yes, you deserve to flourish! I love the determination in your post. The picture of the non-thriving plant struck me. I have an orchid at home that stopped showing blossoms when my symptoms got really bad more than two years ago. I still can bring myself to throw it out; I am waiting for it to flourish again…


    1. Thank you! May you flourish, also. A.

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