The Complexities of the Aftermath of Abuse

This quote by Aspen Matis (Girl in the Woods) spoke to me.  It captures some of the twists and turns of the mind of someone who has been violated and altered by abuse.   And it underscores the role of listening to the body.  The aftermath of abuse is not simple.


I asked my rapist to sleep over after he raped me.  I was trying to retroactively correct what happened because to say you’ve been raped is to acknowledge your life is forever different. But you know in your body what has happened.  It’s too huge a secret to hold inside yourself.  Calling it a rape take the shame out of you.   – Aspen Matis


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  1. This is so powerful and filled with the multiple layers of what happens to us. Thanks for posting this Annie. Alexis

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    1. Hi Alexis!! Thank you for commenting. The quote really resonated with me, too. I’m looking forward to exploring through writing the layers of my experience. The layers are lurking within me and are asking for expression. It’s also so powerful for me to read your comment — we really all help each other when we share our experiences, as we are able to do that in ways that feel right for us. How’s that for a novel as a response to your words?! I guess I have a lot to say this morning! Thank you so much for reading. I’m sending you lots of good thoughts. A.

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      1. I love getting and writing novel responses. Like you said, it’s how we can all help each other. Without each other really “getting it”….YIKES…can’t go there. 🙂 Take good care today. Alexis

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      2. My fellow warrior….(heart). A.

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