How Do You Get There?

Although not about ptsd or mental health issues specifically, I love this simple post and drawing about moving forward in life that I stumbled upon this morning.

And I fell in love with the blog, too, “I am Pam.”  Pam seems to be a beautiful soul, a textile artist who travels the world appreciating the beauty of different cultures and their textiles, and also serving children in need and writing about and photographing her journey.  In a recent post she mentioned the work of an organization that helps blind children do quilting.  My heart cracked open.

Negativity is readily at hand in my mind, given my history of chronic abuse in my childhood and my diagnosis now with PTSD and dissociation.  But there is beauty and love to be found all around me.

My soul sings when that beauty finds me.

Yours in allowing beauty in, and healing.



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