Self Expression as Revolution

I made a discovery this weekend (via the Facebook page of the venerable Lidia Yuknavitch)  that’s inspired my healing and I wanted to share that here.

Her name is Tanya Tagaq and she is an Inuk throat singer, sometimes called a punk rock Inuk throat singer.  I love her!  She’s not someone I would have been drawn to in the past — I might have considered her negatively as “raunchy” and her performance might have struck me as too combative, perhaps, and too musically dissonant, jarring.

But now, now, I love this woman for her revolution.  Her performances combine sweet sounding “female” sounds with gutteral animal sounds, reminding me that we women are capable of both and that we can stand in that power and take ownership of that.  She is most certainly connected to and in her body, reminding me to be in mine, and to claim it.  She is more than that — she is connected to her identity as a human animal in a world of other animals and living things.

She is unapologetically political in her intent, unapologetically angry, reclaiming her body and female-ness from the entitlement others (men) might and have claimed to it and reclaiming her indigenous identity from the oppression that is Canada.  She is, at the same time, a “good person”, stating in interviews that she is deliberate every day in trying to be a good person.

All of us can be angry, scary, gutteral and sweet when and how we please, as long as we are in integrity with who we are as good people.  We don’t have to be locked into any one way of being, one way of expressing ourselves, that is pleasing to others.

Yours in standing up, fighting for ourselves, healing.



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