I’m a Published Author!

Photo: The path to the pond.  Photo credit: Rebel Recovery.

…and you can be too. I’m proud to share that I’ve been published in the online magazine,  “Rebelle Society.

Listening to myself, deeply, and writing my truths helps me heal. Sharing my writing, my truths, helps me heal too — it may mean I am heard. After many years of deaf ears (including my own!) and without much of a voice to give credence to my history, this is a powerful thing. And reading others’ stories of being wounded and their stories of healing is invaluable. Not only do I learn from them, but those other stories mean I’m not alone on my journey. I only wish I’d had access to more of those stories a long time ago; it could have helped me a lot. (Thank you internet.) I always hope someone somewhere is helped in some way by reading something I’ve written and shared.

Rebelle Society specializes in writing by people who are ‘creatively maladjusted’.  You can get their take on what that means here, on their ‘About’ page. I believe this phrase comes from Martin Luther King, Jr.  Speaking of the problems of racism and oppression as they were normalized in his time, he said: “Everybody passionately seeks to be well-adjusted…but there are some things in our world to which men of good will must be maladjusted…Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.”

I think that sometimes, not ‘being like everyone else’ — but rather being creatively maladjusted — is a necessary path to our own truth and our own salvation.

Rebelle Society has 250,000 followers and subscribers.  If you’re interested in sharing your own writing more widely and want to submit to Rebelle Society, the submission guidelines are here.  They accepted my submission under my pseudonym.  Unlike some other platforms that don’t accept previously published writing, Rebelle Society accepts submissions that have been published previously on a personal blog. This is a good thing — it means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. But you can if you want to, of course.

This is my published essay. It’s an updated version of this recent post from my blog.

Have you published your writing on platforms with large audiences before? I’d be pleased to hear about that, and about where. I might submit something to where you’ve been published too. But also, I’d be pleased to celebrate you and your voice. I’d be pleased to honour your story. Drop me a comment, below, if you like. Or if you publish later, maybe you could come back and tell me then. 

We can help each other be heard.  We can help each other be healed. 

Thanks for reading!





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    1. Thank you so much 🙂

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  1. Rayne says:

    Congrats!! 😀

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    1. Thank you!! Thank you for reading.

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