Leaving my Home in the Forest

I’ve just — just — completed the task of moving from my little, healing, home made of grounding rock and logs, deep in the forest.  I moved there — found myself there, really — more than two years ago, when I was desperate for affordable housing following declaring bankruptcy and was also unable to work due to a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative disorder nos.

For now, I’m safely ensconced in a very comfortable house-sit in the suburbs, with a cozy cat and someone who’s hired to shovel the snow.  Although I’m sorry to leave the forest, I don’t yet miss my old home, even though I’m so grateful for how it served me so well while I was there.  Because despite its healing effects, there were also hardships that took their toll on me over time — like lots of repairs needing done, and little creatures in the walls; the steep, icy driveway my car struggled to climb; and all the time needed to drive here and there.

And I wonder:  will I remember the lessons I learned in the forest?  Lessons about frugality and minimalism and about how to listen to the animals and the trees.  Lessons I learned about being myself.

I pray that I will, and I will keep you posted.

Yours in healing,






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  1. Oh I know all about “little creatures in the walls” and how their scurrying from one end of the room to another can keep you stirring all night. Yeah, I don’t miss the pack rats of our little mountain house, but simplicity is more than just a romantic idea. I hope you will carry forth the lessons of what that house/experience taught you. Blessings…

    – Amaya

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    1. Thank you. I’m being tested recently on my commitment to simplicity; but when I keep the big picture in mind, I still know it’s the right (only) way to go for me. Connecting with like minds helps. Blessings and all the best to you, too 🙂


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