Know First Who You Are

Know first who you are, then adorn yourself accordingly.  Epicetus This is what recovery — in the big way that I define it — is really all about, isn’t it. So important, and yet so much easier said than done.  This is my journey. Sending you strength and clarity on your journey to you. xoAnnie…

Alice Miller

Alice Miller was a Swiss psychoanalyst who wrote extensively about the ways in which parents do not respect their own children and the impact of emotional wounds experienced by children on their lives as adults.  She should be read widely. Yours in healing.  Yours in creating a better tomorrow. Annie  

I’m Starting to Listen to Me

Photo credit: Rebel Recovery I stick hearts in my calendar.  Childish, sticker hearts.  They mean love and that means safety. And beside the hearts, I write, ” I can do it.” I like to think that if I go slowly and if I listen to myself carefully, then maybe I can. **************** Fear was the…

The Purpose of Life: Be Yourself

Photo credit: Rebel Recovery I found my truth on a teabag today….. “The purpose of life is to know yourself and love yourself and trust yourself and be yourself.” Sending you peace and strength on your journey to you. A.  

Love is Grounding

Photo: A view from where I’m house sitting in a city.  I love the ivy growing on the wall.  The house has a lovely feel to it — it’s full of books!  Photo credit:  Rebel Recovery I’ve been feeling quite dissociated the past couple of days.  Out of my head in ways, like all of…

I’m a Published Author!

Photo: The path to the pond.  Photo credit: Rebel Recovery. …and you can be too. I’m proud to share that I’ve been published in the online magazine,  “Rebelle Society.“ Listening to myself, deeply, and writing my truths helps me heal. Sharing my writing, my truths, helps me heal too — it may mean I am…

Mom’s Dead. Not Sure if Anyone Told You.

Photo credit: Revel Recovery I saw the words in the title of this post captioning a Facebook post for ‘She Recovers‘ recently.  The words — the level of mother-child estrangement in them — made me catch my breath.  They are the title of an essay written by Rebekah Christofi.  And that essay may be the…

Thank you

Thank you God (goddesses, universe, all of you….).  My heart filled with gratitude instantly this morning when I looked up from my computer and saw the view outside my window. Yours, A.

On the Necessity of being ‘Selfish’

I’ve been contemplating the word ‘selfish,’ lately. A ‘bad’ word when I grew up in my family. A label that was applied to me very strongly (to put it mildly), implicitly or explicitly, often when I tried to look out for myself, or do what I wanted, or go to where I wanted to be….

Amanda Lindhout: When One of Us Heals, All of Us Can Heal

Photo: Amanda Lindhout; File: portraitofAmandaLindhoutbyStevenCarty.jpg I stumbled upon an article in The Huffington Post about Amanda Lindhout recently, that gave me pause and made me think. In 2008 when she was 26 years old, Amanda, a Canadian and a beginner journalist, was captured in Somalia by teenaged Islamist insurgents. She was held hostage for 15…

We are Brave

photo credit: the author We, those who choose to heal, to break the patterns of our past, of our parents and their parents before them, are brave.  Don’t ever forget how brave you are. With love, A.